lunes, 9 de junio de 2008

Hacer lo pequeño como si fuera grande y maravilloso

What matters to you? What matters to me?
I mean, What really matters to me,
that thing that keeps me awake even after 2 days without closing my eyes,
that thing who always want to make it better and better and it's never good enough,
that thing that makes me want to not only "be good" but be The best.
That thing that modify your world and put crazy new ideas in your mind,
that thing that makes you hate yourself and one minute later makes you believe your the greatest.
That thing that makes you smile, laugh, dance, jump like lunatic.
That thing that often is not finished but is on your reel.
That thing that makes you be late.
That thing that puts you under pressure.
That thing that doesn't obliges you to sit in there when you don't want or you just don't "feel good" to sit there and make what you need to do, but when you sit by yourself there that thing makes sure that magic happens.
That thing that makes your heart crazy.
That thing that say "every detail matters",
that thing that makes changes "here and there",
that thing that when is finished you say "yeah... I like it" and months later you may say "wow, it is great" or "I can't believe I was that bad".
That thing that creates the impossible.
That thing that makes you climb the mountain and scream, "thank you".
That thing that impulse yourself to make a video for a competition where the possibilities are so few.
That thing that search the best quality.
That thing that keeps you up to date with ads, animations, webs, movies, music...
That thing that customizes all your stuffs.
That thing that screams and makes you to forget anything.
That thing that shows you the way to the most creative.
That thing.

So what's that thing "THE THING"?
I cannot describe it in one word but I'm sure it's not the money or the fame.
It is the love, the passion that God put in me of making something great, that makes you feel "something" when you get in touch with it, see it and hear it.
To produce something Innovative that makes a change or just catch your attention and make you smile, think, buy or just say "that's original".
That is the thing.

I believe Vfs can help with this thing and that Digital Design is something I Love.
I believe there are no impossibles and I believe as Albert Einstein said once:

"I wish to do something Great and Wonderful,
But I must start by doing the little things like they were Great and Wonderful
-A. Einstein

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