jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013

Save the Rich by Garfunkel and Oates

Everyone knows these times are really tough
And we need to band together and say we've had enough
All the jobless people need to learn to be content
'Cause what we need to do is protect our 1 per cent

Save the rich
Let them know you care
Don't leave them to languish in their penthouse of despair
Save the rich
Let their bonuses be swollen
And let them keep all tax free
Even if it's stolen
Save the rich

Let's give our job creators more than their fair share
So they can go to Asia and create jobs over there
There's loopholes and exemptions... and children to exploit
So give them special tax brakes
Go fuck yourself Detroit

And those who don't create jobs really need help too
'Cause without their seven homes
How will they make it through?
It's not time for complaining
Not the time for class war
It's time to sacrifice yourself to give them more and more and more
More and more and more and more

Save the rich
America's built on corporate greed
It's not Wall Street's fault
If you can't get what you need

Save the rich
Don't go cryin' to Mommy
'Cause if you don't agree
Then you're a socialist commie
Save the rich

Blame yourself for your problems
Not the bad economy
So what if those who have the most
Are the ones who put it in jeopardy
Fuck your student loans
Fuck your kids and your healthcare
It'll only take 10 thousand other jobs
To put another private jet in the air

Save the rich
It's so easy to do
Just let yourself be ignorant
To what's been done to you

Save the rich
by doin' nothing at all
Deny all sense and logic and just think really small
You should think really small
Or just don't think at all

And save the rich

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